7 Facts That You Didn’t Know About Instagram

There are some things that you do know about Instagram, like the fact that since downloading it you have spent more time with it than your other half and, quite frankly, you’re a lot happier now; however, there are a few little facets about the world’s number one photo sharing platform that we thought that you’d like to learn…

1. It almost never happened

Kevin Systrom, the guy that all the girls that ignored him in high school are trying to get the number of, created a check-in location app called Burbn Inc (named after his love of bourbon and coffee); however, Kev noticed that most of the users were drawn to the photo sharing aspect of the app and so he made the decision to focus all of his energies on that area.  And while all the chicks who took jocks to the prom are stuck in loveless marriages, The Sys-meister is rocking it as one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. Booyaaaa!!!

2. It’s owner worked for Google and turned down a job at Facebook

Yep, that’s right; Mr Systrom cut his teeth working for the most powerful search engine company in the world, then joined Nextstop Inc., a trip-recommendation site that Facebook later acquired for $2.5 million.  In 2004 he said, “Thanks, but no thanks,” to Mark Zuckerberg and waited a few years before the number one social networking platform came knocking on his door again, except this time they had a gargantuan number written on a cheque.  His momma raised absolutely no fools.

3. It was Facebook’s biggest acquisition to date

Facebook has a reputation for purchasing startups simply to shut them down, engulfing their relative benefits and working them into the behemoth that is their social networking platform.  However, with Instagram, it was a little different.  Zuckerberg shelled out $1 billion in cash and stock options, with Systrom allegedly netting $500 million from the deal for a project that he and his team had worked on for 551 days (I would work out how much that is per day, but it’s too depressing…go for it if you like).  With 30 million followers, closing Instagram’s doors wouldn’t be the savviest move, so don’t worry, it won’t go the way of Spool.  Who?  Exactly…

4. Expect ads in your stream

I know that $1 billion is around about the same amount as Mark Zuckerberg spends on his Fabergé egg habit each week, but still, now that a massive corporation owns Instagram, it makes sense that it would want it to start earning some money.  The fantastic engineering and resources that Facebook offers Instagram users may come at a price…yep, you may start getting the same ads for Swedish penis enlargers that pop up in your Facebook feed in between your Instagram photos any day now…what, just me?

5. Instagram had 13 employees when Facebook bought it

Remember when Kevin Systrom rang you up and said, “Hey dude, haven’t seen you in ages!  Look, I’m starting this photo-sharing thing and we could really use someone around the office to just bounce ideas off, do the occasional liquor store run and plan team-building nights out; I can’t offer you a great starting wage but I’ll give you an even split of the shares, just like everybody else.  You in?” and you politely declined to work that summer in your Dad’s car rental business?  Yeah, that wasn’t an A-game move.

6. Instagram was crowned App of The Year 2011 in Apple iTunes

No. Shit. Sherlock.

7. Not everybody is bowled over

According to, 37% of Instagram users never uploaded a single photo, with 25% uploading just 1-3 pictures and only 5% of them uploaded more than 50 pictures.  How does it go again, Abraham?  “You can please some of the people all of the time…”

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