10 Coolest Musicians to Follow on Instagram

Life on the road with a rock and roll band is a pleasure that most of us will never enjoy (more’s the pity).  However, for those who want a taste of this sometimes glamorous, often hedonistic and always envy inducing lifestyle can do so vicariously, through the Instagram pictures uploaded by the rock stars mentioned on this list.

1. @bscbscbsc

Followers: 19K

Being one half of the critically lauded rock band Best Coast entitles Bethaney Cosentino to be a fairly decent judge of good and bad music, so if your stereo is going to keep her up all night, make sure that it’s playing something that she approves of.  Take note, future touring buddies.


2. @therealbigboi

Followers: 152K

One half of the weird and wonderful pair that musical duo that call themselves Outkast treats his followers to personal shots of his daughter’s graduation (as well as her 4x4 graduation present!), combined with his buddies’ sweet tattoos and his many, many stylish outfits.  Boo-yaaaaa!


3. @chromeo
Followers: 44K

The suave and funky electronic maestros that make up Chromeo also have a keen eye for amusing and entertaining shots.  Any lover of synth porn NEEDS to follow this account.


4. @blobtower
Followers: 16K

Justin Vernon is better known as his musical sobriquet Bon Iver, self-christened after spending a winter in a wood cabin recording the bleak yet beautiful album that would make him an international star.  Luckily, he seems to have cheered up since then and his Instagram photos are full of cute cats’ paws, artsy meanderings through the desert and super-cool playing-with-flames shots like this one.


5. @alberthammondjr
Followers: 29K

Do you know what sucks about being a guitarist for The Strokes?  Nothing.  You can see evidence of this in Mr. Hammond Jr’s kickass shots from his kickass life, including promotional photos with his bandmates as well as snaps of him and his suitably gorgeous wife.  It’s only rock and roll, but he loves it…


6. @edroste
Followers: 364K

One of the perks of being in a successful band is that you get to travel.  A lot.  Ed Roste takes time off from his Grizzly Bear duties to post beautiful shots of his blessed life on the road.  A lot.  You’ll like this account. A l- oh, you get the picture.


7. @thevaccines
Followers: 25K

These sprightly young chaps keep their legions of followers updated with on-the-road life shots as well as images of thousands of screaming fans taken from behind the drum kit.  Oh, if only you’d have practiced harder at your childhood guitar lessons, all this could be yours…


8. @francistenenbaum
Followers: 372K

A smooth customer all the way, Mr. Frank Ocean delights his followers with shots of the cool crooner chilling in the hot tub and close-up selfies with a certain queen of pop.


9. @wiley__
Followers: 36K

Proving that we can spit as well as shoot it just as well as our American cousins on this side of the pond, British rapper Wiley updates his Instagram fans with fabulously eccentric phone-tographs from his fascinating life.


10. @azeailabanks
Followers: 257K

Not the easiest first name to spell, but once you’ve mastered it you can expect a rollercoaster ride of hilarious selfies, laugh out loud memes and a delicious array of food shots from the wonderfully vivacious Miss Banks.


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